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We do marketing for Swiss Millennials.

We specialise in marketing for Swiss millennials. Our goal is to help you connect with Swiss Millennials, aged 25 to 40.
The main problems we solve are:
How to find the right customers?
How to make a difference today?
How to attract Swiss millennials?

Our Mission

Help you make a difference to attract a Swiss Millennial clientele. We are talking about the generation of 25 to 40 years. Who hates to be sold to.

Our PAssion

We love to make a difference, find different forms of communication, we are a team of enthusiasts who work with the heart. That's why we are the best in Switzerland.

Our VIsion

Our vision is yours, the one that seeks to create true value in the world! We believe in all of you entrepreneurs and we work with you to make it happen.

Our Experience

With our experts, you will benefit from 230 years of accumulated experience, we have won various awards, we are recognised, well established and professionals.

XP 100%
XP 85%

My ultimate goal is to solve all your business problems. My expertise is established among the 25-40 years old.  The most common problems I solve are:
How do I get more clients?
How do I scale up my business? 
How could I charge more? 

XP 100%
XP 100%

I execute your ideas, and with my experience you get the best chance to hit your 25 to 40 years old clientele. The most common questions I answer are: 
How do I use social media for marketing? 
How do I increase my traffic on my website? 
How could I make myself stand out?

web design
XP 100%
XP 100%

I create website that match your concept and help you sell your services better. The most common problems I solve are: 
How do I convert my website for mobile? 
How could I sell my products online?
How can I create my website? 

XP 100%
XP 100%

I create content for your business, so you can be unique and be noticed. The most common problems I solve are : 
How do I create a commercial on a budget? 
How do I create a beautiful reel on instagram? 
How do I shoot a nice picture?

XP 100%
XP 100%

I make sure that all vulnerabilities are identified and fixed. The most common problems I solve are:
How do I  secure my data? 
How do I regain my privacy? 
How do I secure my belongings?

XP 100%
XP 100%

I  create trends and connections between your brand and your followers.The most common problems I solve are: 
How can I use social media to sell?
How do I get more likes on Instagram?
How can I increase my followers?


Pauline M.


XP 100%
XP 100%

I create your unique identity so you can make a difference, and be noticed. The most common problems I solve are : 
How do I create a modern logo ? 
How can I make my brand noticed ? 


Frequently asked questions

The process always begins with a first and free appointment. During this appointment we discuss the needs and the expected budget. After this we can start working on finding the best solutions. To simplify the process throughout the relationship, you will have only one person to refer to.

“GreenTech” ® is a Swiss company based in Lugano, Ticino. Our team of experts comes from Lugano Switzerland, Austin Texas, Düsseldorf Germany, Nice France, Okinawa Japan.

“GreenTech” ® is a team of experts from around the world, is managed by Kim Albarran, more than 230 years of experience accumulated; our goal to help companies grow.

Because we only have one planet, and we take reponsability by limiting our negative impact like using transport that does not emit CO2, using renewable energy. We also prefer to repair your equipment rather than offer you new ones (when economically viable). And we have been rewarded “Eco Responsible”.

I’m glad you asked ! The Workshop is the best thing that can happen for you, it’s a community where experts teach and share their best advices for free. Sounds like a trap ? Hummm, why not give it a try ? All you have to do is sign up here.