Protect better your property or business! We install for you the best security systems, so that wherever you are in the world you receive the status of your property in real time directly on your smartphone. We are based in Lugano, and security is our specialty. Benefit of the latest standards with a new alarm system. Alarm 2.0 ! 


We use modern and advanced alarm systems. You can connect them directly with security agencies and the police for reduced time of interventions, in case of theft they will contacted in real time, and you will also receive the notification on your mobile phone.


In the event of a total blackout, the alarm system works perfectly for several weeks. You forgot to close the window? The system will notify you as soon as you are away from home, and close it for you, so you can always be safe.



Simplify your life! Using your smartphone, you can manage your alarm system remotely. And with automation & Intelligent activation. You can be sure your system always operates even if you forget it.


The system operates 24/7. If something happens, you will be the first to know, so you can take all the measures. You can also let people in from a distance and check if they have closed the door properly while leaving.

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The Security Workshop

Do you want to learn how to better protect yourself? What security apps to use?
Choosing the right antivirus?
Join us in our safety workshop!

IT security formation

Find out how to protect yourself and the people you love by changing little habits that will have a big impact on your privacy. This formation will help you keep your information and your finances safe.