I create a unique and emotional link between Swiss Millennials and you.

As a Marketing expert, my ultimate goal is to create new customers. I specialise in marketing for Swiss millennials between 25 and 40 years old. As an expert in this industry our goal is to help you connect with middle age Swiss customers. During the process we make sure that the solutions we provide are always applicable to your business. 

Here are the most common problems I help solving:

Which marketing is the best?
How marketing works? 
How can I attract good customers? 

Lydia S.


Marketing for Swiss Millennials

Our solutions are dedicated to the millennial generation from 1981 – 1996 respectively 25 to 40 years old. Who live and work in switzerland. 


We help you create more lead, with a marketing strategy that adapts to the Swiss Millennials. 


Strategy is the process in which we define the customers of your product or service. Our goal is to help you understand what is the best offer you can present to the Swiss millennials.

Tailor made Ads

We ensure that your message is relevant, and helps solving a particular problem for people between 25-40 years old. With this in mind we can guarantee the best R.O.I


We will help you creating and developing a relationship of trust with your Swiss millennials, offering them always a unique experience so that they can have a strong connection with your brand.


We help you create an identity that transmit your true value, to the specific Swiss audience who has between 25-and 40 years old. 

Brand Identity

We ensure that the visual elements of your brand, such as color, font, design and logo, transmit your specific values to millennials.

Logo design

We design a logo that will perfectly reflects your brand values and make you stand out.


We help your team to understand how to treat your customers, and how to communicate with them.

We help you rank organically, it’s todays most trusted way to make a difference. 


We boost your ranking presence on the main search engines, Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. ...


We apply the best personalised SEO techniques so you can rank organically.


We optimise your SEO It is the most effective solution, it allows an excellent ranking based on keywords, text & alternative text.

(Re)- Branding

We help you create, or change your corporate image; our goal is to transmit your values in the best possible way. 

New Identity

With a visual identity that matches your style, we help you creating a strong link between you and your customers.


We help you create more lead and above everything better quality lead, with a marketing strategy that adapts to your style.


We will be at your side for the launch of your business and we will help you ensuring the future success of your business.

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