Our Team

Our Mission

We help companies grow and be more innovative, by understanding their customers in an authentic and reliable way.

Our PAssion

Our passion is technology & communication, we love those so much that we want to share it with the world.

Our VIsion

We believe in a more responsible world where ecology & technology work together. For that we provide the best Eco-responsible solutions.

Our Experience

230 years of accumulated experience, each expert is competent and in his domain. To make things easier, you will have only one contact person.

consulting IT
XP 100%
Tech Teaching
XP 100%

My goal is to improve the IT structure by ensuring the company optimizes IT expenses. I bring considerable long-term knowledge and experience working for several companies on the French Riviera and Switzerland.

XP 100%
XP 100%

From an intangible idea to execution in the real world, I remain relevant with the latest marketing strategies. I constantly train with the latest technologies to stay on the cutting edge when it comes to marketing.

web design
XP 100%
XP 100%

I am an expert in website creation and help founders to find the suitable and modern medium for their website with professional design that represents and communicates their brand in the best way.

XP 100%
Video & aNimazione
XP 100%

Director of photography originally from Norway. Inspiring, traveling, learning is the basis of much of what I do. I like to inspire people through my films and photos, sharing what I have learned with other directors. I create content in a unique and personal way that you can be noticed.

XP 100%
XP 100%

As a cyber security expert, I have a deep understanding of the end-to-end security process I make sure that all vulnerabilities are identified and fixed. In other words I  secure all  your important data.

Instalazione camera & Alarme
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Instalazione Software & Hardware
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A technology veteran with over 30 years of experience as a programmer and 21 years of professional experience as a technical expert. I make sure that the equipment is installed correctly and that everything works as it should.


Pauline Marchon


XP 100%
XP 100%

With over ten years of professional experience, I have worked at studios across Europe as a senior corporate designer and creative director. Versatility is a key:  I feel comfortable working with both print and digital media. I create your unique design combined with your identity, so that customers can identify you.


Frequently asked questions

The process always begins with a first and free appointment. During this appointment we discuss the needs and the expected budget. After this we can start working on finding the best solutions. To simplify the process throughout the relationship, you will have only one person to refer to.

“GreenTech” ® is a Swiss company based in Lugano, Ticino. Our team of experts comes from Lugano Switzerland, Austin Texas, Düsseldorf Germany, Nice France, Okinawa Japan.

“GreenTech” ® is a team of experts from around the world, is managed by Kim Albarran, more than 230 years of experience accumulated; our goal to help companies grow.

Very Green !!! We take care of our planet, promoting transport that does not emit CO2. Within our company we use renewable energy. We also prefer to repair your equipment rather than offer you new ones (when economically viable). Lastly
we proudly received the French label “Eco Responsabile”.

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