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Taking a photo is capturing a moment, capturing a feeling, and caputring an emotion. It is not only about the gear, the technique. It is an art, and a vocation to transmit those emotion, feelings to the observer. All our experience come from the diversity of all the projects we successfully delivered.

Stefania Bertini

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Stefania Bertini

Stefania Bertini

My painting wants to be a reminder in silence. I let the material speak, as did the ancient icon painters, who knew the properties of gold well. "

Iron and gold retain peculiar qualities in themselves: between weight and lightness, light and shadow, heights and depths, man and woman, spirit and matter …
At the same time color is expressed, without the need for words or any form, it becomes an instrument and a gateway. Man resides at the center, between cosmic and earthly forces, under constant influence.

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