Have a security audit done to protect your business or home. By performing a full security audit, you can be sure about your level of protection. Once completed, we help you taking the right measures.

A three-step security audit:


We send our security expert for a full day of audit, his mission will be to identify any security vulnerabilities within your company, during the visit everything will be checked to the smallest detail.


Once the security audit has been carried out, we will carry out an action plan , detailing all the faults identified and how to remedy them, we will assess how to correct them in the most simple and effective way.


We will be by your side assisting you until you need. Our common goal is to secure all these flaws. Applying security patches, creating an access policy, training the staff, patching the hardware, locking bios, …

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The Security Workshop

Do you want to learn how to better protect yourself? What security apps to use?
Choosing the right antivirus?
Join us in our safety workshop!