Smart Working

Protect your team and save money by making them work at home, we install all the tools and train you all your personal so they can work efficiently. You and your team will be as productive as in the office. Get ready for some solid Smart Working experience. 

Work from home

With our smart working solutions, you and your team can start working from home tomorrow.


Security is our priority! All your data will be accessible only via secured protocols we use : Mil Spec encryption, SSL, TLC… So, you and only the people you want can access your data.

Simple to use

We make it as simple as using your normal computer, the only exception is that you are no longer in front of it. Everything is done so can work as efficient as before. And if needed we will give you dedicated training, just as easy as ABC.


We use only world-leading software that guarantees the best performance, so you can work without compromises, just like in the office.

Contact us now and start Smart Working from Tomorrow

IT Workshop

Want to learn how to build your own PC ? Learn how to overclock ?
Come and join our fantastic Workshop, it’s totally free. Check our program down below.