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I provide tailor-made solutions for entrepreneurs.

I do strategy for Swiss millennials. As a strategist I use my skills to connect your company with that specific target. Our ultimate goal is to bring you new customers. 

Here are the most common problems I help solving :
 How do I get more clients?
How strategy really works?
Why is strategy  important?

Kim Albarran

Strategist for Swiss Millennials

What is strategy?

Strategy is a framework we use to identify and solve problems. 
Strategy always put people first, and it’s based in 3 main pillars : 

Do you feel that you are working too much ? Do you have trouble to finish the month ? Is it getting harder to pay  your employees ? The rent ?

The goal of strategy is to help you understand what is the source of the problem. In this case let’s say the problem is : You are not getting the rights customers, they don’t really value your work, so you lower your prices to be attractive. 

Once the problem has been correctly identified, we help you find the solution. In this case, we help you connect with customers who value what you do, and are able to pay for what you have: Swiss millennials. 

Why is strategy so important ?

Here are the main reasons why strategy is fundamental : 

By being able to properly identify the problem. We are able to dedicate the correct amount in energy to solve it.

Let’s build a strategy to attract those Swiss millennials. 

Because we now have clarity on the problem. It’s easier for us to make sense of where to spend the money, time and energy in order to solve it. 

Let’s create a sales funnel bring those customers at our door. 

Because the process alway places you in the middle, all the solutions we will help you find, will be relevant, applicable and easy to implement.

Now you can enjoy the results of a successful strategy. 

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